Block Clubs

BlockClub250The University Heights Collaborative functions as an umbrella organization bringing together the neighborhood’s many block clubs around common goals and providing a forum for information sharing and advocacy work. The UHC draws its strength from the diverse perspectives and work of its block club leaders.

There are many active block clubs in the neighborhood and more continue to form as residents see the positive effects of being engaged and organized, including the recent creations of the University Park and Lisbon Avenue Block Clubs in 2016. Block clubs have been instrumental in the renergeration of Minnesota Avenue’s median as well as cleaning up and advocating for capital improvements to Linear Park.

Block clubs in the University Heights:

If you have a block in the area that you would like to be listed please let us know! Also, if you’re seeking space to host meetings check out the CoLab who is offering their space for free to any city block club!

Block club resources: