Get Involved

The UHC is committed to revitalizing our neighborhood through community action. We not only sponsor projects in the community, but also act as the 501(c)3 sponsor for a number of organizations that are working to actively improve our community. Learn more about the opportunities to get involved below.

Samuel P. Capen Garden Walk

The Capen Garden Walk is a free self-guided tour of private and public gardens that is designed to encourage neighborhood beautification, collaboration and to build strong communities. The Garden Walk showcases the neighborhoods surrounding the University at Buffalo South Campus which include Buffalo’s University District of Buffalo, Eggertsville and Amherst.

The Garden Walk takes place annually in July.

Get involved by adding your garden to the walk or joining the planning committee and helping the Garden Walk grow!

University Community Farmers Market 

The Farmers Market is a collaboration between residents in the University Heights and local organizations to promote wellness and community sustainability through the availability of fresh produce and locally grown food while also supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The Farmers Market is located on UB South Campus at Main Street and Kenmore Avenue and runs each Saturday from May through October.

Get involved by becoming a vendor and selling your goods or joining the planning committee and helping the Market expand!

University Heights Tool Library

The University Heights Tool Library is an all-volunteer, nonprofit resource serving Buffalo and its surrounding community and work to facilitate self-reliance, civic engagement, and grassroots reinvestment in neighborhoods by empowering residents to affect the positive change they want to see.

They provide access to an inventory of over 1000 tools for just $20/year,  offer their members use of a community space as a pop-up storefront/art gallery/meeting space/etc., and also sponsor low cost, high impact community development projects, such as tree plantings, community gardens, graffiti removal, beautification, public art, and cleanups.

Get involved by staffing the Tool Library or volunteering on one of their projects in the community!

ReTree the District

ReTree the District is a collaborative project of community partners in Buffalo’s University District that is working to plant 1,000 trees across the community.

This reinvestment in the urban tree canopy will produce tangible benefits like increased property values, energy conservation, and improved air quality, as well as intangible benefits like strengthening ties among neighbors and increasing the capacity of the community to create change

Get involved by signing up to be a volunteer during our spring and fall planting days or have a tree planted in front of your house!

Tyler Street Community Garden

The UHC, through a partnership with Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo has created a community garden at 73 Tyler Street. The garden serves as a space to grow food locally, hold events, sponsor gardening workshops, and build community among neighbors.

The garden currently features six raised beds, several perennial flower gardens, a handful of fruit trees, a community tool chest, and picnic table.

Get involved by adopting a bed or helping plan the Community Garden’s continued growth!

Block Clubs

The University Heights Collaborative functions as an umbrella organization bringing together the neighborhood’s many block clubs around common goals and providing a forum for information sharing and advocacy work. The UHC draws its strength from the diverse perspectives and work of its block club leaders.

There are currently six active block clubs in the neighborhood and more continue to form as residents see the positive effects of being engaged and organized. Block clubs have been instrumental in the regeneration of Minnesota Avenue’s median as well as cleaning up and advocating for capital improvements to Linear Park.

Get involved by joining an existing block club on your street or starting your own!



University Heights Community Laboratory

The University Heights Community Laboratory, or CoLab, is a multipurpose space located next to the University Heights Tool Library which provides DIY workshops focused on home improvement, community development, and affordable and accessible education. Their instructors come from local businesses, universities, nonprofits, and neighbors who share  a passion for sharing what

When the CoLab is not being used to host workshops it becomes open to the public to rent, allowing more artistic members the chance to display their artwork for weeks at a time. Those who are more entrepreneurial can use the space as a pop-up shop to experiment and test the market.

Check out their monthly calendar to remain up to date on what’s happening in the neighborhood and the space!