University Community Farmers Market Farewell


The University Community Farmers Market final date is October 17, 2015 from 8:00AM until 1:00PM.

Farmers have an excellent selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables all grown locally!

So stock up on root vegetables and winter squash and other product which store well into the fall and winter. Pumpkins are in good supply with a variety of sizes. Think Thanksgiving with winter squash and pumpkin pie. Stop by the Market Managers table to pick up creative recipes for these products.

Finally, as the Market concludes its ninth season, the Board of the University Community Market wishes to extend its sincere appreciation to all the customers, farmers and artisans how have made this community resource all possible. We would also like to thank the University Heights Collaborative and the Gloria Parks Community Center for helping promote the market and taking care of the finances, and the University of Buffalo Office of Community Relations for providing personnel, space for storage and meetings along with financial support over the course of the market.

Finally, the Board is looking for new leadership if the market is to continue. If you are interested in participating in the leadership and continuance of the Market please contact the University Heights Collaborative ( or better yet stop by the Market at Main and Kenmore Avenue during the final Saturday.

– The UCFM Planning Committee

Join us for the final day of the market, October 17, 2015!